Sound module USM-RC-2

The USM-RC-2 at a glance:

  • Universal module to control sound-, light- and servo functions
  • Suitable for all types of commercial remote controls
  • Individually programmable
  • With 170 ready to use sound projects and over 700 sound files
  • Speed-dependent engine and movement sounds
  • Powerful built-in amplifier for optimal sound quality
  • 12 switching outputs for LEDs, lamps, smoke generators, relays, etc.
  • Free programmable light and sound sequences
  • 2 programmable servo outputs
  • Easy transfer of settings with micro SD card
  • Easy updating of Sound-Teacher and firmware
  • Extension accessories available


The sound module USM-RC-2 is the successor of our popular USM-RC sound and light module with improved and extended functions and applications. Both modules have been developed especially for RC model construction in order to equip models for land, air and sea with realistic and speed-dependent driving and engine sounds.

Due to the plenty adjustment and setting possibilities of the sound module USM-RC-2, each model can be individually and uniquely designed according to one's own ideas.

All setings are programmed with the software Sound-Teacher and saved on a micro SD card. The programm is only for Windows, with an emulator like WineBottler is is also possible to use the Sound-Teacher with a Mac or other operating systems.

Sound functions:
Driving noises sound very authentic due to detailed starting, stopping, idling, accelerating, running, braking and reversing sounds. To make model and surrounding noises perfect up to 30 additional sounds and 8 random sounds can be played next to engine sounds.

For an easy start we have more than 170 ready to use sound projects for various types of models. With the software "USM-RC-2 Sound-Teacher" (for Windows) you can create your own sound projects with individual sound, light and servo functions. On our DVD-ROM more than 700 different sound files are available for a variety of applications.

In addition you can edit your own sounds for your individual application with the included software "Audacity". With our software "USM-RC-2 Sound-Teacher" (for Windows) you can compile different sound and light functions.

The USM-RC-2 can play up to 4 sounds simultaneously. This means, additional to normal engine or driving sounds, up to three additional or random sounds can be played at the same time. All sounds have a quality of 44,1kHz and 16 bit.

The USM-RC-2 contains a powerful double amplifier (2x20W), therefore no additional amplifier is required, you only need to connect one or two loudspeakers for an optimal volume. We recommend the loudspeaker LS-4R-25W-90.

Due to a high number of running steps (internally up to 255) the speed-dependent driving and engine sound transitions are played smoothly without any steps or interruptions.

In order to adjust engine sounds to the corresponding driving speed, the pace (voltage) is measured either at the cruise control/drive motors (analogue and mix mode) or at the proportional channels of the receiver (digital mode).

In digital/mix mode you can easily connect the sound module with up to 4 servo patch cables to all commercially available RC-receiver.

With one-channel multi-function selection (EKMFA mode) it is possible to control up to 16 functions of the sound module with only one single proportional channel. This is very useful when you have only one proportional channel left.

The nautic mode is a further option to trigger functions of the USM-RC-2. For this mode the transmitter requires a suitable multiswitch (e.g. BEIER-Electronic Nautic-Multiswitch NMS-16-R, NMS-16-G, NMS-24-G, Graupner Nautic-Expert Modul Nr. 4108, Robbe Multi-Switch 16 Modul Nr. 8084).

Light functions:
The USM-RC-2 contains 12 switching outputs for connecting LEDs, lamps and relays. Different light effects (e.g. brake lights, indicators, hazard warning lights, machine-gun fire or flickering-lights) can be implemented at these outputs.

The switching outputs can be divided into 2 output groups. For these 2 groups you can define output sequences for example with moving lights, rotating lights or beacon lights for airplanes.

Movement functions:
For movements the USM-RC-2 offers 2 servo outputs, which can be used for various motion application combined with the matching sound.

Extra: Connection of a smoke generator:
With the sound module USM-RC-2 or the extension module EXM-2 a proportional smoke generator can be controlled speed dependend.

Depending on the driving situation the smoke generator is controlled in a different intensity and more or less smoke is produced. Additional setting options, such as smoke volume at start, while standing or at full speed the smoke can be adjusted in the Sound-Teacher.

The smoke generator is connected to the switching outputs X3 of the sound module. Heater and fan can be connected and controlled together and separately. The current consumption of the smoke generator must nor exceed 1,5 A at one sound module output and not 3 A in total (all switching outputs together).

A smoke generator with a current consumption of 8 A can be connected to the motor output of the extension module EXM-2.

Additional information can be found in the Operating Manual (PDF).

You can find answers to frequently asked question in our forum under FAQ .

To test our software "USM-RC-2 Sound-Teacher" you can download a demo version.

3rd place at the survey TRUCKMODELL-STAR 2013 regarding the best model construction supplies in the magazine Truck Modell.

"Ein Modul für alle Fälle" (PDF) Review (German) of USM-RC-2 in the journal ModellWerft 10/2014.

Video-Tutorials (English subtitles available)

Tutorial 01 Installation of the Sound-Teacher, open new projects and save on SD-card
Tutorial 02 Connection of the sound module to battery, receiver and speed controller
Tutorial 03 Different options to activate driving sounds
Tutorial 04 Control different functions of the sound module
Tutorial 05 The diagnostic function of the sound module
Tutorial 06 Controlling functions with nautic/multiswitch modules
Tutorial 07 Different ways to adjust the volume
Tutorial in English Sounds & Basic Setup by Bob from Hobbyconcepts
Tutorial in English Sound & Light Controller, Lights & Lighting Effect by Bob from Hobbyconcepts

To be continued...

Videos from our customers

Video 01 Police car
Video 02 Truck
Video 03 Truck II
Video 04 Fire truck
Video 05 Tractor Fastrac 3220
Video 06 Tractor Fastrac 3220
Video 07 Truck Scania
Video 08 Truck Tamiya Scania
Video 09 Truck King Hauler
Video 10 Axial Wraith Crawler
Video 11 Axial Wraith Rock Crawler offroad
Video 12 Cross RC MC8 8x8
Video 13 Tank with Tamiya DMD control unit
Video 14 Tank E-100
Video 15 Tank Panther G 1:16 from Torro
Video 16 Tank Torro Leopard 2A6
Video 17 Tank Torro Leopard 2A6 II
Video 18 Tank Tamiya Königstiger
Video 19 Tank Tamiya Königstiger II
Video 20 Tank Tamiya Tiger
Video 21 Tank Tamiya Königstiger
Video 22 Büssing NAG 900 controlled with NMS-16-R
Video 23 Jeep Willys
Video 24 Aircraft carrier Carl Vinson
Video 25 RC Norderney with smoke generator
Video 26 CAT D10T with smoke generator
Video 27 Mörser Karl Gerät 040

Technical Data

Supply voltage (Ub): 5 – 14V DC
Power consumption: Standby-current: 90-120mA
Operation (only sound): max. 3,0A
Operation (sound+switching outputs): max. 6,0A

Power consumption depends on volume and connected load.
Switching-inputs: 5 pieces
LO-signal = U < 2V
HI-signal = U > 5V
Integrated pull-up resistors (4k7 / 10k)
Switching-outputs: 12 pieces (npn – open collector),
max. 1,5A for each output, the total current of all outputs must not exceed 3,0A
Proportional-inputs: 4 pieces (1,000 - 2,000ms)
Proportional-outputs: 2 servo outputs (1,000 - 2,000ms)
Voltage inputs for drive speed in analogue mode: 0 – 14V DC
Audio amplifier: Max. 2x20W (mono)
Recommended loudspeaker: 4 – 8 Ohm
Volume control: By external potentiometer (100k Ohm) and/or remote control
Memory for sound files: Micro-SD-card (1 to 64 GB)
Max. length for the sound: Approx. 180 minutes per 1 GB
Supported sound files: WAV-format, 8/16 Bit, mono/stereo, 22/44kHz
Sound output: 16 Bit, mono, 44kHz
Number of possible sounds:
  • 5 running steps/gears (internally up to 255 steps)
  • 8 change sounds between running steps/gears
  • Noises for turning on/off, starting, stopping, idling, braking, reversing, curve squeal, flashing light
  • 30 additional sounds (e.g. via prop. channels)
  • 30 tracks for WAV-player
  • 8 random sounds (random generator)
Random sound generator: Times between 1 to 999s adjustable
Interface: Universal extension interface (e.g. for light modules SM-IR-16-2, LM-IR-16-4 and LM-BT-16-4 or data cable K-USB-2)
Permissible ambient temperature: 0 – 60°C
Permissible relative air humidity: Max. 85%
Size: 66 x 42 x 17mm
Weight: 25g

Content of DVD-ROM + Sound samples

  • The software "USM-RC-2 Sound-Teacher" is necessary to compile, edit and change sound projects (available in German, English and French)
  • The program "Audacity" to edit and convert own sounds
  • Over 250 sounds
  • Complete sound projects for following models:
• Auto - Ford F-350 (V8)
• Auto - Landrover Discovery TD
• Auto - Mercedes 320 CDI_1
• Auto - Mercedes 320 CDI_2
• Auto - Mercedes C63 AMG
• Auto - Mercedes G (Diesel)
• Auto - Mercedes Sprinter
• Auto - Munga
• Auto - Trabant
• Auto - V8
• Auto - VW Bus
• Auto - VW Golf GTI
• Auto - VW Käfer
• Bagger - Liebherr
• Bagger - T174
• Bagger - Volvo
• Bus - Mercedes Citaro
• Flugzeug - Focke Wulf 190
• Flugzeug - Me 109 G10
• Flugzeug - Wright Sternmotor
• Hubschrauber - Huey
• Hubschrauber - Hughes
• Hubschrauber - Rettungshubschrauber
• Kipplaster - Volvo A25C
• Laderaupe - Caterpillar
• Lok - Climax
• Lok - Dampflok
• Lok - Dampflok_1
• Lok - Diesel
• Lok - E-Lok
• Lok - GP38
• Motorrad - Harley Davidson
• Panzer - Elefant
• Panzer - Gepard
• Panzer - Gepard_1
• Panzer - Jagdpanther
• Panzer - Jagdpanther_1
• Panzer - KV-1
• Panzer - Kanonenjagdpanzer
• Panzer - Königstiger
• Panzer - Königstiger_1
• Panzer - Leopard 1
• Panzer - Leopard 1_1
• Panzer - Leopard 2
• Panzer - Leopard 2A6
• Panzer - M1
• Panzer - M26
• Panzer - M41 Walker Bulldog
• Panzer - MARS
• Panzer - Marder
• Panzer - Panther
• Panzer - Panther G
• Panzer - Panther G_1
• Panzer - Panther_1
• Panzer - Panzer III
• Panzer - Panzer III_1
• Panzer - Panzer IV
• Panzer - Piranha IIIH
• Panzer - Sd.Kfz. 7
• Panzer - Sherman
• Panzer - T-34
• Panzer - T-55
• Panzer - Tiger
• Panzer - Tiger_1
• Panzer - Tiger_2
• Panzer - Tiger_3
• Pistenraupe - PB300
• Pistenraupe - PB600
• Pistenraupe - PB600_2
• Pistenraupe - Prinoth Beast
• Radlader - Liebherr
• Radlader - Liebherr L586
• Raupe - DET250
• Raupe - Komatsu D61
• Raupe - Liebherr PR734
• Raupe - Liebherr PR736
• Raupe - T100
• Schiff - Binnenschiff
• Schiff - Dampfschiff
• Schiff - Dampfschiff S.S. Furie
• Schiff - Eisbrecher Kontio
• Schiff - Feuerlöschboot
• Schiff - Frachter
• Schiff - Kutter
• Schiff - Kutter_1
• Schiff - Mississippidampfer
• Schiff - Mississippidampfer_1
• Schiff - Patrouillenboot Hohwacht II
• Schiff - Polizeiboot
• Schiff - Powerboat Mercruiser
• Schiff - Riva Aquarama
• Schiff - Riva Ariston
• Schiff - Schiffsdiesel
• Schiff - Schiffsdiesel_1
• Schiff - Schlachtschiff Bismarck
• Schiff - Schlepper
• Schiff - Schlepper_1
• Schiff - Schlepper_2
• Schiff - Schlepper_3
• Schiff - Schlepper_4
• Schiff - Schlepper_5
• Schiff - Schlepper_6
• Schiff - Seenotrettungskreuzer
• Schiff - Torpedoboot T56
• Schiff - Yacht V12
• Traktor - Caterpillar 830m
• Traktor - Claas Xerion
• Traktor - Eicher Mammut
• Traktor - Fendt 1050 Vario
• Traktor - Fendt 936 Vario
• Traktor - Fendt Dieselross
• Traktor - Fendt F18
• Traktor - JCB Fastrac
• Traktor - John Deere 8245R
• Traktor - John Deere 8530
• Traktor - Kirovets K-700
• Traktor - Kirovets K-700A
• Traktor - Lanz
• Traktor - Lanz Bulldog
• Traktor - MB-Trac
• Traktor - MB-Trac 1100
• Traktor - MB-Trac 1800
• Traktor - Schlüter 1250VL
• Traktor - Schlüter Compact 950
• Traktor - Schlüter Super 1500 TVL
• Traktor - Unbekannt 01
• Truck - DAF XF 105
• Truck - Detroit Diesel
• Truck - GAZ-66
• Truck - IVECO 140 E 30
• Truck - KRAZ 255
• Truck - Kenworth W900
• Truck - M35A2
• Truck - MAN
• Truck - MB Actros V6 320 kW
• Truck - MB Actros V8 352 kW
• Truck - MB-NG
• Truck - MB-SK 88
• Truck - Mack
• Truck - Opel Blitz
• Truck - Renault Magnum
• Truck - S4000
• Truck - Scania 140 V8
• Truck - Scania T500
• Truck - Scania V8
• Truck - Scania V8 mit Turbopfeifen
• Truck - Scania V8_1
• Truck - Scania Vabis 56
• Truck - Unimog 1600
• Truck - Unimog 400
• Truck - Unimog 406
• Truck - Unimog 406_1
• Truck - Ural
• Truck - Volvo FH16
• Truck - Volvo FH16 - Abschlepper
• Turbine - 1
• U-Boot - U96

If you do not have all sound examples on your DVD (because we are always creating new ones) you can download our latest sounds with your Sound-Teacher (Menu File -> Download sounds from the internet)

Prices (incl. VAT)

Caution: To edit sound projects and to change settings on your sound module you need the DVD with the "USM-RC-2 Sound-Teacher"!
Only order your sound module without DVD when you already have the USM-RC-2 DVD with the matching Sound-Teacher.

The Sound-Teacher of other modules (e.g. USM-RC, USM-HL) is not working with the USM-RC-2.

Sound module USM-RC-2
without DVD-ROM and without operating manual
159,00 € In stock

Sound module USM-RC-2
with DVD-ROM and (German!) operating manual
169,00 € In stock

Printed operating manual for sound module USM-RC-2 (only in German available!)
as replacement
5,00 € In stock

DVD-ROM for sound module USM-RC-2
as replacement
5,00 € In stock

USB stick with content of DVD-ROM for sound module USM-RC-2
for PCs without a DVD drive
8,00 € In stock

Included in delivery:
  • Sound module USM-RC-2
  • Micro-SD-card (16 GB) + adapter
  • 2 pieces cable (25 cm) for loudspeaker
  • 2 pieces servo patch cable (30 cm) to connect RC-receiver.
  • Flat ribbon cable (40 cm) to connect switching outputs
  • Fuse-holder + fuse 4 A

  • DVD-ROM with software (Sound-Teacher) and sounds
  • Operating manual (printed version only in German - the English, French and Dutch versions are on the DVD)

Recommended accessories:

If you want to connect more than 2 proportional channels from the receiver to your sound module, please do not forget to order additional servo patch cables.

Customer reviews for this product

Carmine aus Tucson:

I am very pleased with the USM RC-2! Powerful Sound and many Sound and Light functions to choose from. The fact that it is nearly infinitely programmable by PC, adds value!

I am in the United States, and there is a fast growing following for your fine products. We REALLY need English Language Tutorials...
There's still many functions that I still have no idea how to use! Not all of us are fully Computer fluent. Particularly us OLDER People!!
Edward aus Kemptville:

I must say that knew nothing about your company here in Canada, until a friend told me about the sound modules you produce. I have since bought two of your USM-RC-2 sound modules for my model ships in the last month and I am extremely pleased with their performance and ease of programming.

I have will spread the word through our Model Boat Club and I am sure you will get much more business.
walter aus Mank:

Es ist nicht das erste Soundmodul, das ich von der Firma Beier habe und wird auch nicht das letzte sein. Top Qualität zu günstigen Preisen und immer verlässlich. Auch mit der Fachberatung kann eine andere Firma nicht mithalten. Die Firma hat immer ein offenes Ohr bei Wünschen oder Problemen.

Danke für Alles
Gert aus Ladenburg:

Ich habe alle Soundmodule mittlerweile auf das USM RC 2 umgestellt - ich bin immer noch begeistert von dem guten und Autentischem Klang - vielen Dank
Patrik aus Stadtbergen :

Hallo liebes Beier-Team,
Das USM RC 2 ist unglaublich gut und Euer Technischer Support ist noch besser!
Immer kompetent und immer eine Lösung vorhanden.
Das nächste Modul (SM-IR-16-2) ist schon gefunden und bald bestellt.
Ihr macht Freude am Modellbau!!
Andreas aus Gelsenkirchen :

Hallo Liebes Beier Team,
auch ich möchte mich einmal zum Sound Modul und dem Erweiterungsmodul äußern und Euch ein großes Lob aussprechen. Ich habe noch nie so ein super Modul mit so wahnsinnig vielen Möglichkeiten gehabt. Ich bin total begeistert. Mittlerweile habe ich 2 Soundmodule USM-RC2 und ein älteres USM RC1 im Einsatz. Ich einem meiner Modell habe ich zudem das Erweiterungsmodul. Es ist super. Nur weiter so. Die nächsten Soundmodule für meine Modell werde ich bald bestellen. Freue mich jetzt schon darauf Sie in Betrieb nehmen zu können.
Engin aus Mechernich:

Hallo Beier Team,
das ist mein erster Soundmodul von Beier und ich bin begeistert.
Einfach zu bedienen, alles funktioniert perfekt und die Akustik ist sensationell. Ab jetzt nur noch Beier Soundmodul in meie Schiffe.

Engin aus der Eifel
Sébastien aus namur:

Hallo Frau, Herr, vielen Dank für die Lieferung und die Geschenke, super gutes Material, vielen Dank
Lutz aus Forst:

Es ist immer Weihnachten, wenn das Paket von Beier eintrifft.
Diesmal sogar mit zusätzlicher kleiner Weihnachtsüberraschung.
Große Klasse - Daumen hoch - Frohes Fest.
Grüße aus der Lausitz
Stefan aus Beverungen :

Die Soundmodule von Beier sind einfach genial - ich kaufe sie immer wieder für meine Rc Panzer - sehr zu empfehlen.

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