Multiswitch decoder MSD-16


With our multiswitch decoder MSD-16 it is possible to decode signals of multiswitch modules without requiring a sound module USM-RC-2. In combination with a multiswitch up to 16 additional functions (no sounds) can be controlled.

The MSD-16 is perfect, in case you would like to use a module for your transmitter but do not have a free proportional channel left at your sound module.

The MSD-16 can be used with following multiswitches: NMS-16 and EMS-16.
Of course it is also possible to decode original Robbe und Graupner multiswitch modules.

The MSD-16 is connected directly to the nautic / multiswitch channel of the receiver using the supplied servo patch cable.

The 16 switching outputs of the MSD-16 are assigned to the 8 switches of the multiswitch module.
Switch 1 up triggers output 1, switch 1 down triggers output 2, switch 2 up triggers output 3 and so on.

All settings of the MSD-16 are done by DIP switches. With these DIP switches, it is for example possible to change between a static and memory function mode for each switch pair (consisting of 2 switches).

You can find more information about the MSD-16 in our operating manual.

Assignment of DIP switches

DIP switch OFF ON
1 Robbe / NMS-16-R / EMS-16-R Graupner / NMS-16-G / EMS-16-G
2 NMS or original multiswitch EMS
3 Error correction off Error correction on
4 Switch 1 and 2 (output 1 to 4) static Switch 1 and 2 (output 1 to 4) memory
5 Switch 3 and 4 (output 5 to 8) static Switch 3 and 4 (output 5 to 8) memory
6 Switch 5 and 6 (output 9 to 12) static Switch 5 and 6 (output 9 to 12) memory
7 Switch 7 and 8 (output 13 to 16) static Switch 7 and 8 (output 13 to 16) memory
8 Servos stopping at the current position Servos returning automatically to starting position (1,5 ms)

Technical data

Supply Voltage (Ub): 5 – 14V DC
Current consumption: Stand-by current: approx. 25mA
Switching outputs: 16 pieces, minus switching, output voltage is equivalent to supply voltage.
Constant current: 0,8A
Short time current max.: 1,2A
Max. current sum of all outputs: 6A
Servo outputs: 2 pieces
max. current consumption of servos: 600mA
Size: 67 x 55 x 17mm
Weight: 35g

Preices (incl. VAT.)

Multiswitch decoder MSD-16 79,95 € In stock

Included in delivery is one servo patch cable for connection of MSD-16 to receiver.

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