Optocoupler adapter OKA-4


Using the optocoupler adapter OKA-4, additional sound and light functions can be triggered via switching outputs at all USM sound modules.

The OKA-4 contains 4 separate in- and outputs. As soon as a voltage of 2,0 - 15,0V is applied at the input, the corresponding output triggers. The polarity of the input voltage thereby must not be respected. Therefore, the OKA-4 can be connected directly to a motor and speed controller to trigger an additional sound, as soon as the engine is running - no matter which direction.

The 4 outputs can be used as the plus- or minus switching outputs, thus the OKA-4 can be used for all USM sound modules.

The inputs and outputs are with solder connections.

You can find connection examples in the user manual (PDF 122kB).

Technical data

Channels: 4 in- and outputs (galvanically isolated)
Input voltage: 2,0 - 15,0V (higher voltages are possible using series resistors)
Input current: approx. 1 - 14mA (depending on input voltage)
Outputs: plus- or minus switching
Output current: max. 5mA
Size: 30 x 22 x 10mm
Weight: 4g

Price (incl. VAT.)

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