Terminal clamp for switching outputs AKL-8-W, with plugable resistors


The AKL-8-W allows a comfortable wiring of the switching outputs for following modules:
  • Sound speed controller SFR-1
  • Double sound speed controller SFR-1-D
  • Sound speed controller for Torro / Taigen and Heng Long SFR-1-HL
  • Speed controller UFR-1230
  • Double speed controller UFR-1230-D
As a special feature on the AKL-8-W terminal are 8 sockets for plugable resistors to facilitate the connection of LEDs.

At the spring-loaded terminal the outputs 1-8 are available for an easy connection of consumers.
The clamps 9 and 10 are for the easy distribution of the plus pole.

The terminal can be connected directly to the modules with a pluggable ribbon cable.

Included with the AKL-8-W are each 8 resistors with values of 0 ohms (only 1 black ring), 150 ohms (brown, green, brown, gold) 330 Ohm (orange, orange, brown, gold) and 680 Ohm (blue, gray, brown, gold).

More information can be found in the manual (PDF).

Technical Data

Terminal clamp: SFR sound speed controller:
Terminal 1 to 8: Switching outputs 1 to 8 and 9 to 16(minus switching)
Terminal 9 to 10: Positive pole of the supply voltage

UFR speed controller:
Terminal 1 to 8: Switching outputs from speed controller
Terminal 9 to 10: Positive pole of the supply voltage
Connecting cable: 10 pin ribbon cable, 20 cm long
Size: 38 x 36 x 17 mm
Weight: 18 g

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Terminal clamp AKL-8-W with plugable resistors
For sound speed controller of the SFR-series and speed controller of the UFR-series
17,95 € In stock

Included in delivery:
  • AKL-8-W Module
  • Ribbon cable approx. 20 cm
  • Each 8 resistors 0 Ohm, 150 Ohm, 330 Ohm and 680 Ohm
  • Operating manual (German)

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