Terminal clamp with relay outputs AKL-10-R


With the AKL-10-R consumer with a high power consumption, such as motors, smoke generators or lights with up to 10 A can be easily connected to the switching ouputs of our sound module USM-RC-2 and the extension module EXM-2 without additional soldering.

The AKL-10-R has 10 separate toggle switches with a maximum switch capacity of 240 W. This can be for example a current of 10 A at a voltage of 24 V. Each relay is indicated with a green LED while it is triggered.

The terminal can be connected directly to the sound module USM-RC-2 with a pluggable soldered ribbon cable.
The positive battery voltage is connected to the black 2-pole screw terminal.
This is required to trigger the relays. To the 3 pin screw terminals up to 10 different consumers can be connected easily without soldering work.

The terminal clamp is available in two versions:
- AKL-10-R-6V for a supply voltage between 5 and 9 V,
- AKL-10-R-12V for a supply voltage between 9 and 14 V.

You can find more information in the operating manual (PDF).

Technical Data

Supply voltage (Ub): 5,0 - 9,0 V with AKL-10-R-6V
9,0 - 14,0 V with AKL-10-R-12V
With double screw terminal for positive pole of supply voltage
Power consumption: 60 mA per relais with AKL-10-R-6V and a 6 V supply voltage
30 mA per relais with AKL-10-R-12V and a 12 V supply voltage
Toggle-switch: 10 pieces
Connection with 3 pin screw terminal
Maximum switching voltage 30 V
Maximum current 15 A
Maximum switching capacity 240 W
Permissible ambient temperature: -40° to +50° C
Connection cable: 10 pin flat ribbon cable, length: 40 cm, for direct plug in at sound module
Size: 80 x 96 x 19 mm
Weight: 160 g

Prices (incl. VAT)

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Terminal clamp AKL-10-R-6V with relay outputs
For sound modules USM-HL-2 and USM-RC-2
39,95 € In stock

Terminal clamp AKL-10-R-12V with relay outputs
For sound modules USM-HL-2 and USM-RC-2
39,95 € In stock

Included in delivery:
  • AKL-10-R module
  • Ribbon cable approx. 40 cm
  • Operating manual (German)

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