Resistor LED Free

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Resistor LED Free

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Just a thought is some of my older toy RC conversions I have used a light unit from RCLaneBoys. He produces and freely gives the designs for this unit. The interesting bit is it is negatively switched but requires no resistors the LED chip driver he uses makes sure only the current required and voltage that is needed for the LED. It’s a very small unit about 2cm x 3cm, I think due to the size each solder pad connection is only rated to 2 x LEDs each. I think it would be wonderful if this technology was on the Beier systems. I am competent and sure most of RC enthusiasts are ok with resistors and soldering, but I know from clubs and Facebook this but some people of from switching. I feel this sort of technology could make what is already I personally think the best product on the market into and unbeatable sound and light card.

Just a thought

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Re: Resistor LED Free

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Hello Darren,

thank you very much for your thoughts.

Of course, integrated series resistors or a constant current source would be an advantage for many customers. But this would disadvantage other customers who want to connect other things (bulbs, motors, relays, high-current LEDs or many LEDs in parallel) to the outputs.

With outputs without a series resistor you are much more flexible. Many customers also use ready-assembled LED boards in their trucks. Here too, an integrated current limitation would usually be a hindrance.

We used to have a connection terminal (AKL-10-K) with integrated constant current sources in our program. But I have to say that the demand was so low that we finally discontinued the product.