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I want to use the SFR-1 for my truck - what do I need?

Verfasst: Do 2. Apr 2020, 16:15
von BEIER-Electronic Evelyn
You want to use our sound speed and light controller SFR-1 for your truck, but you are not sure what else you need?
Here is an explanaition what you require for your project.

The very basics (next to the SFR-1) are:
  • Transmitter and receiver: To use the functions of the SFR-1 (sounds, lights, volume, servo movements) you need as much channels as possible. Ideally, your receiver has a channel with digital sum signal, such as S-Bus, SUMD or SUMD3.
    The SFR-1 can then evaluate 16 channels with the sum signal - without "only" 6 channels are available.
  • Battery: The SFR-1 works with voltages of 6 - 18 V. Nowadays LiPo batteries are mostly used. With the same size, they have a higher capacity than e.g. NiMh batteries. The battery must of course fit into your model and have a similar voltage as the built-in motor. 2s or 3s lipos are often used. Ideally, the battery should already have a Deans-T connector, so it can be connected directly (without adapter) to the SFR-1. A suitable charger is required to charge the battery.
  • Motor: The motor must be a "brushed motor". Brushless motors do not work with the SFR-1! The voltage of the motor must match the voltage of the used battery.
  • Steering servo: There is not much to say about the steering servo. It must fit to your model.
  • Loudspeaker: The loudspeaker must have an impedance of 4 or 8 Ohms and a the suitable power must be at least 10 W. Basically: The larger the loudspeaker, the better the sound. Here you should measure how much space is available in the model and then choose the largest possible speaker, ideally with a speaker housing. The speakers LS-4R-10W-50 or LS-8R-15W-67 are often used.
For great light effects, the SFR-1 has an extensive light unit. There are different option how to apply lights:
  • Ready to use lightning boards: For many models, different manufacturers already have suitable, fully assembled lighting boards that can be easily installed in the model. The matching series resistors are usually already on these boards. In this case only the cables have to be connected to the switching outputs of the SFR-1. To simplify the connection, we offer the AKL-8 terminal clamp. The SFR-1 has two slots, each with 8 outputs. We recommend to use two AKL-8, the first clamp for the front lights and the second for the rear lights.
  • Kraftwerk EasyBus light unit: The light connection becomes even easier if you use the EasyBus lighting boards from Kraftwerk. Via a bus system, the lighting boards are only connected to the EasyBus adapter, which then is plugged into slot X5/1 of the SFR-1.
  • Individual LEDs: You can also build the lighting yourself (with a bit more work, of course) with individual LEDs. It is important to mention, that the LEDs require suitable series resistors! These can be soldered to the LEDs, or you can use our terminal clamp AKL-8-W, which has plug-in resistors.

Additional useful accessories:
  • Data cable: Using the K-USB-2 data cable, settings and sounds can be changed without the annoying plugging in and out of the SD card (between the SFR-1 and the card reader on your PC). Also a live diagnosis e.g. for troubleshooting is possible with the data cable. The data cable is not absolutely necessary, but it makes working with the SFR-1 much easier and more comfortable.
  • Volume control poti: With the poti, the volume of the SFR-1 can be changed directly on the model. However, it is also possible to change the volume using the remote control or to set it permanently using the sound teacher.
  • Light module for trailer: A great option if you have a semi-trailer, trailer or road train is the infrared light module LM-IR-16-4 and bluetooth light module LM-BT-16-4 . With the modules it is possible to transmit the light outputs 1 - 16 of the SFR-1 wirelessly. With four additional servo outputs and one motor output, servos, motors or speed controllers can be connected and controlled easily, e.g. for supports or ramps.
  • Universal output driver UAT-1: With the universal output driver UAT-1, consumer/loads with a high current consumption, such as motors, lamps, pumps, smoke generators, etc. (up to 4 A) can be connected directly to the switching (light) outputs. Usually the maximum is 1,5 A for each output and the total current of all outputs 3,0A.