What do I need to equip my RC model with sound?

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What do I need to equip my RC model with sound?

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Sound Module:
Of course, a sound module is required. We recommend the USM-RC-2.

If you have a "standard" RC remote control system (eg, a receiver in which you can plug in speed controller and servos), it is easy to connect the sound module. Here it does not matter whether the system is operating with 27MHz, 40MHz or 2.4GHz.

The USM-RC-2 has four proportional inputs which are connected to the receiver.

The 1st prop channel (throttle channel) is used for the detection of speed, so that the sound module can play the engine sound at the correct speed. For a model with two drive motors, even the second prop channel of the sound module is required.

With the remaining 2 or 3 prop channels of the sound module, additional functions (eg, additional sounds, driving sound on / off, output for lights, servos, etc.) are controlled (see page 31 of the manual).

To play the sound, a speaker is needed. At the USM-RC-2 one or two speakers with an impedance of 4 or 8 ohms can be connected.

The power (W) of the speaker should not be much below the output power of the sound module (see page 22 of the manual).

The speaker which is used depends primarily on the space available in the model. Basically it can be said that the greater the speaker, the better the sound will be.

With a sound module and speakers you have the minimum requirement for a model with sound.
All other items are optional and are not necessarily required:

Servo patch cable:
To connect the sound module to the receiver, servo patch cables are required. The USM-RC-2 has 4 prop channels and 2 servo patch cables are delivered with every sound module. So if you want to connect more than 2 channels to the receiver, you should purchase additional servo patch cables.

Volume potentiometer:
With the volume potentiometer, the volume of the sound module can be set. However, there is also the possibility to adjust the volume in other ways. You can adjust the volume setting in the Sound-Teacher or via the "Volume +" and "Volume -" function, which can be assigned to a switching input or a prop channel of your receiver.

It therefore depends on which way you want to change the volume, whether you need the volume potentiometer or not.

With the datacable K-USB-2, the configuration of the Sound-Teacher can be transferred into the module.

If you do not have the datacable, for each change to the configuration, unplug the SD card of the module and insert it into the card reader of the PC. So if you often want to change something on the module you should also order the datacable.

As an additional feature, the data cable can also be used for live diagnosis (see page 85 of the manual). This can be very helpful for troubleshooting.

Additional switch modules:
The USM-RC-2 offers additionally to the 4 proportional inputs also 4 switching inputs. With these 4 switching inputs, other functions of the sound module can be controlled. The inputs for example can be controlled by the optocoupler adapter OKA-4 or the switch module SM RC-2.